Mission. Impact. Urgency.


BES trains high-capacity individuals to take on the demanding and urgent work of leading high-achieving, college preparatory urban charter schools.

Across the education landscape, there are well-intentioned schools and well-executed schools.

Well-intentioned schools are plentiful: full of good people who want positive things for students. To be well-intentioned is necessary but insufficient to change
the trajectory of students’ lives.

Well-executed schools are driven by the most critical element of organizational success – leadership.

A strong leader builds and leads a team that executes on the details, measures results, and manages for success. A strong leader propels the school to new academic heights – proving that demographics need not dictate our students’ futures.


Percentage of BES schools outperforming their district counterparts

Number of students in BES schools

All Tested Grades

  • ELA64%
  • Math73%


By 2018


BES schools are growing

New BES schools will open nationwide




By 2018

New cities will receive a BES School




By 2018


Low-income families often lack access to high-performing schools, and socio-economics – more often than not – determine their children’s future. While promising gradual improvements have unfolded in some cities despite these challenges, BES is committed to moving the needle forward at an urgent pace.

More leaders. More schools. More students.

We sweat the small stuff because we know every detail matters – every minute matters – when it comes to closing the achievement gap.


  • I don’t know where I or RePublic would be without BES. It continues to be the best leader selection, training, and support organization in the country and is getting better every year. When I look at the map of jaw-droppingly awesome BES schools across the country, I am proud to be a member of this community.
    Ravi Gupta
    2010 BES Fellow
    Co-Founder, RePublic Schools
  • Developing leaders that can get charter schools off to a great start from day one is the best way to ensure students will achieve. No one does this better than BES. It’s hard work, but critical to the success of the movement.
    Nina Rees
    President and CEO, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools
  • “LENS equipped me to be an effective school leader. The summer institute experience was transformative. Once summer institute concluded, the development and assistance I received continued with a leadership coach. Having a coach during my first year as a school leader was invaluable as I received critical guidance for any and all situations that arose.”
    Parker Couch
    Co-Founder, School Director, Grizzlies Preparatory
  • While The Fellowship lasts one year, the lessons continue to prove useful to me, over 10 years later. There is no other such program at this quality level.
    Lester Long
    2004 BES Fellow
    Founder and Executive Director, Classical Charter Schools
  • I'm grateful to be part of a network of school leaders who work together to build one another's capacity and thereby the collective capacity of our schools.
    Vanessa Jackson
    2013 BES Fellow
    Executive Director, Collegiate Charter High School of Los Angeles
  • Small as BES has remained, the truth is that you have supplied some really great people who would not be there without your efforts. And from one school can come a network--indeed where else can the networks come from?
    James Merriman, CEO
    New York City Charter School Center
  • BES is the only leadership and school development training that functions like an incubator for charter schools destined to close the achievement gap. Through expert guidance, counseling and training leaders are imbued with purpose and tools to enact their desired outcomes.
    Hrag Hamalian
    2007 BES Fellow
    Executive Director, Valor Academy
  • If there is one organization that has done the most to seed underserved communities across the country with distinctive, homegrown schools characterized by excellence and high expectations, it’s BES. Their work is a gift and their schools have consistently been the source of key insights and improvements that make all schools better.
    Doug Lemov
    Author of Teach Like a Champion and Practice Perfect