Katie Pasniewski

Associate Director of The Network

As Associate Director of The Network, Katie Pasniewski provides high impact, mission-driven Follow-on Support to BES leaders and BES schools in their planning year and first two years of operation, and she develops and leads operations-focused training for BES school teams across the country. Prior to joining BES, Katie spent nearly a decade at Excel Academy Charter Schools in Boston, joining as the founding Director of Development. Katie went on to serve as the flagship school’s founding Director of Operations where she led the school-based operations team, overseeing all aspects of the school’s student- and teacher-facing operations. As the CMO’s founding Managing Director of Finance and Operations, and most recently as Senior Advisor, Katie oversaw all financial and operational aspects of opening two new schools and facilities. Katie began her career with Teach For America, teaching English in North Philadelphia, and received a B.S. from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.