• Academic Performance Drives Leadership
    Leaders of excellent schools demand, manage, and support strong academic performance.
  • Academic Performance Drives Design
    Everything about a school’s design – from its schedule to curriculum to instructional strategies – helps students achieve high academic standards.
  • Academic Performance Drives Culture
    To succeed academically, students need and deserve a culture that is warm, strict, and motivating of their intrinsic desire to excel.
  • Academic Performance Drives Decisions
    Decisions at every level of a school’s operation are based on careful measurement and analysis of student achievement.
  • Academic Performance Drives Governance
    A school cannot succeed without the determination of its governing body to hold the school fast to its ambitious standards and provide the resources necessary to meet those standards.
  • Accountability Drives Academic Performance
    We must be able to measure the growth and achievement of our students to ensure they reach the goals we have set for them, and to hold us accountable for the real value our school does or does not provide.