BES Principles of School Design

The BES Approach to School Design

The BES approach employs proven practices that have been utilized in schools across the country with documented success in closing the achievement gap.

Our approach to school design is based on the following ten principles:
  1. An unwavering belief that all students can, must, and will learn at high levels

  2. A clear, college-bound mission understood/supported by all

  3. Inspiring and demanding leader(s), adamant about academic results

  4. Teachers who are strategic, engaging, knowledgeable, and adamant about academic results

  5. A structured organization and culture that embraces urgency and efficiency and celebrates achievement

  6. Deep and rich curriculum, from skill mastery leading to college prep work

  7. Assessments frequent and rigorous with data analysis connected to immediate action plans

  8. Clear and frequent communication with parents on academics and behavior

  9. Discipline system consistently applied with high behavioral expectations for all

  10. Extended time for learning with multiple layers of student support