Emily White

“We believe in our capability to meet and exceed expectations in the present, knowing our behaviors and attitudes must reflect our dreams for the future. My students can meet any expectation I set for them when I set the expectation clearly and with purpose. I know that every student inherently wants to succeed and has dreams for themselves and for the future.”

Summer Schneider

“When teachers and staff members are invested in changing the lives of children, then results will follow. I am motivated to continue my work in education because I believe in the power that a school can have in the progress a student makes.”

Ignacio Prado

“I am a first-generation American who struggled tremendously in the transition to school when we moved to this country. In a lot of ways, education has meant everything to me. My vision is to create a school with an incredibly strong emphasis on essential subject instruction, with a culture of success and mutual accountability.”

Megan Murphy

“My mother told me that if I did well in school, I could grow up to be whatever I wanted. Through my experience working in low‐income communities, I have come to know that every mom wants to make a similar promise to her child, but not every mother can. I am driven to do this work because I know with a rigorous instructional program, anything is possible for all children.”

Kathryn Mullins

“While we have started on the path to ensuring all children receive an excellent education, we have miles to go before we offer all students a just and equal education system. I do this work because of those miles. I do this work because little people matter – they become the big people who will lead the next generation.”

Paul Morrissey

“I am driven by the knowledge that in every neighborhood in America there are children who want to be pushed harder than their school is willing to push them. Failing urban schools strip the most underserved neighborhoods in our country of the one thing they need more than anything else: a highly educated population.”