Lead with Confidence

Building Excellent Schools is committed to the success of every high-performing school, which is why we continue to provide training and guidance to BES school leaders after the Fellowship year ends.

Whether your school is already in the Excellent Schools Network (ESN) or is still on its way, it can only benefit from our ongoing support.

Having built and sustained more than 50 successful urban charter schools, BES understands how to address—and anticipate—the many challenges inherent in the startup phase of all charter schools, including staff recruitment, student enrollment, facility acquisition, governance development, leadership development, financial planning, operational implementation, staff training and instructional planning.

Drawing upon the expertise of the ESN, Connect to Excellence provides BES schools with targeted, on-demand, on-site support as well as professional development by top practitioners.

Our Connect to Excellence team assists schools in the following areas:

  • leadership sustainability
  • culture
  • staffing
  • governance
  • professional development and teacher feedback cycle

Building Excellent Schools has a lot to offer schools that share our rigorous and structured approach to education. Connect to Excellence also provides non-BES schools with personalized, in-house support as well as professional development by top practitioners.

Contact Matthew Brunell, Chief Operating Officer, to find out how we can put your school on the path to the Excellent Schools Network.