Details from BES, September 22, 2017

  • The Fellowship kicks off Rotation Two on the September 24 in Newark, New Jersey. Fellows will visit schools in Newark and New York before returning to the Boston offices for the rest of the Rotation.
  • School results have started to come in and the numbers are very impressive!
    • Denver’s University Preparatory: Steele Street celebrated unprecedented results with gains of 31 percentage points in English and 36 in math. Excellent work in their first year as a turnaround school.
    • Classical Charter Schools in New York outperformed their district by 61 points in English and 63 points in math.
    • Phoenix, Arizona’s Vista College Preparatory outperformed their district by 43 points in English and 33 points in math.
    • And in Tennessee, three of the seven charter schools that achieved the highest level of growth (Level 5) were BES schools Freedom Preparatory Academy, Memphis RISE Academy, and Memphis College Preparatory. These schools all received growth measures of Level 5 for overall growth, growth in literacy, math, and science.
  • Network leader Malka Borrego of Equitas Academy welcomed her second child this summer- our congratulations go out to Malka and her family!