Leverage Success

Excellent Schools Network

Established in 2012, the Excellent Schools Network (ESN) is a select group of BES schools that have demonstrated strong academic results, sound organizational practices, and the genuine ability to close the achievement gap in their communities.

Because of their outstanding academic and organizational performance, these schools have been chosen for further investment and support from Building Excellent Schools.

Criteria for membership in the Excellent Schools Network

ESN members must meet the following criteria to gain admission to and remain in the ESN:

  • demonstrate proven, consistent results
  • commit to growth
  • share a common design that is independently executed
  • cultivate strong community ties
  • support the ESN and its members

Leveraging success

The mission of the ESN is to champion high-performing charter schools by leveraging their success to achieve greater results, grow wisely, and transform education for more students in more schools. This is achieved by supporting ESN schools in the areas of leadership development, mission measurement, and talent and recruitment.