Meeting of the excellent minds

The Excellent Schools Summit is a yearly gathering of members of the Excellent Schools Network (ESN), a select group of BES schools that have demonstrated strong academic results, sound organizational practices, and the genuine ability to close the achievement gap in their communities.

In addition to celebrating the successes of ESN members, the Summit serves as a forum for members to network and share effective practices. It is also the venue for the presentation of the ESN Annual Awards, granted to outstanding ESN school staff members.

ESN Summit 2013

The second annual Excellent Schools Summit
July 11–12, 2013 | Washington, DC


    • Strong Start to Lasting Impact: Today’s Urgency Fuels Tomorrow’s Tenacity

Facilitator: Steven Wilson, Founder & President, Ascend Learning Charter Schools
Panelists: Margaret (Macke) Raymond, Director, Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) at Stanford University, Shantelle Wright, Founder and Head of School, Achievement Preparatory Academy, Bill Kurtz, Executive Director, Denver School of Science and Technology (DSST) Public Schools

    • The Radical Fringe is Here to Stay

Jeanne Allen, Founder and President, Center for Education Reform

    • Building Unified Teams

Susan Walsh, Chief Academic Officer, Building Excellent Schools

    • Storming the Bastille – Revolution in Education Reform

Dr. Howard Fuller, Director of the Institute for the Transformation of Learning at Marquette University

    • Workshop: Navigating Change

Stig Leschly, CEO, Match Education

    • Workshop: Leverage Leadership

Julie Jackson, Managing Director, Uncommon Newark/ New York City Elementary Schools

    • Workshop: Standards of Operations

Michael Buerger, Co-founder, Abacus Consulting

    • Workshop: Common Core

Eileen Callahan, Director of Leadership Development, Building Excellent Schools

Awards presented by Julia Travers, Chief of the ESN, Building Excellent Schools