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  Wise Whys

bold3Who is bold? Who is daring enough to do what others deem impossible? The Wright Brothers; Bonnie and Clyde; Shackleton; George Lucas; Henry Ford; Mavis Staples; Evita Peron. Courageously embarking upon an untouched canvas that others have been too worrisome, too logical to grace. They are wild and unrelenting in their need to achieve and deliver. With gusto they charge determined toward a goal.bold4

Our BES Fellows are bold. They are doing what we may wish we had the boldness to do. Or maybe we do not wish this. We have not chosen the path they have. For one reason or another, we find ourselves on this side, supporting, pushing, encouraging, teaching, training these bold individuals who seek to change the lives of children. Indeed we help, but they are the ones putting everything on the line. In many ways sacrificing themselves, their life plans, their free time, their souls all to build these magical schools.

And through the months we’ve seen these brave Fellows grow. Some have fallen off, others have made their weaknesses into strengths. Our Fellowship has turned into the spring of its year, and there are only three more weeks of formal training. EeeGads. We believe that we just welcomed them to the training room, just a minute or two ago. But time has ever willing moved onward. Before we know it, the doors to their schools will open and we will find ourselves once again wondering where the time went. Let us remember these moments in the darkness of winter when the days move slowly and the cold stretches on, that nothing, not even winter is permanent. And so we must do our best in each moment. The time is now and the time is spring!

No Matter What
Mary Oliver

No matter what the world claims,

its wisdom always growing, so it’s said,
some things don’t alter with time:
the first kiss is a good example,
and the flighty sweetness of rhyme.

No matter what the world preaches
spring unfolds in its appointed time, bold1
the violets open and the roses,
snow in its hour builds its shining curves,
there’s the laughter of children at play,
and the wholesome sweetness of rhyme.

No matter what the world does,
some things don’t alter with time.
The first kiss, the first death.
The sorrowful sweetness of rhyme.