Apply to the BES Fellowship

The 2014 Building Excellent Schools Fellowship application is now available.

BES Fellowship application process

  1. Get to know us
    All potential applicants to the BES Fellowship start by taking our self-study questionnaire— a simple, online series of questions designed to tell you more about us and the work we do. Please note that your answers will not be shared with the selection committee, nor will they be stored online.
  2. Tell us about you
    Next, we’d like to learn about you through our online survey—a series of multiple choice questions designed to inform us about your leadership style and your ideal school design. This will take you approximately three-to-five minutes to complete. Then, you will be prompted to submit introductory information and upload your resume.
    Please note that, although your responses will be shared with the selection committee, they remain confidential at this stage.
  3. Submit a formal application
    At this point, BES reviews survey responses and resumes and invites select candidates to submit a formal application—a process that involves answering questions via webcam from the point of view of a charter school leader.
  4. Interview
    Once BES reviews formal applications, select candidates are invited to participate in a series of phone interviews with members of the selection committee. After that, select applicants are asked to participate in a rigorous in-person interview with members of the committee.

Deadlines for the 2014 BES Fellowship:

September 16, 2013
November 4, 2013
February 17, 2014
April 14, 2014

Application deadline extended to July 30, 2014 for the following territories: Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

Please complete the application using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Internet Explorer.  The Fellowship Application is not compatible with Apple Safari. For questions about The Fellowship application, contact