The Typical Fellow

Is the BES Fellowship right for you?

The rigorous Building Excellent Schools Fellowship is designed for high-capacity individuals who are deeply committed to fundamentally changing urban education. If you have a track record of exceptional impact in your profession or in your community — and you share our core belief that academic achievement should drive all aspects of a school — then we encourage you to join us in Building Excellent Schools.

What experience do Fellows have?

BES Fellows represent a vast range of professional experience in such fields as education, business, nonprofit management, law, and public policy. Classroom experience is not a prerequisite for selection.

What characteristics do Fellows share?

BES Fellows can be described as:

  1. strategic thinkers
  2. visionaries
  3. entrepreneurial
  4. strong communicators
  5. highly flexible
  6. persistent
  7. relentless achievers
  8. demanding of themselves and others
  9. always ready to learn
  10. humble

It is essential that Fellows be in alignment with the BES approach, which is based on the following ten core principles:

  • Firm belief that all students can learn and achieve at high levels
  • Clear, outcome‐focused mission, understood by all, evidenced throughout the school
  • Highly visible leader, ensuring all are focused on the mission
  • Structured learning environment and organization
  • Classroom practices promote continuity and predictability across the school
  • Frequent internal assessments with data to drive instruction
  • Strong discipline code enforced by all
  • Clear and frequent communications with parents regarding student performance
  • Strong curriculum focus on skill mastery leading to conceptual understanding and application
  • Extended school day and school year
  • If you meet these criteria, we invite you to consider applying to the BES Fellowship.