The Fellowship: Pre-Orientation 2017-18

Welcome to the 2017-18 Fellowship.

Below is a schedule of upcoming assignments, phone calls, and webinar trainings. Materials for each session will be uploaded to this page three days prior to each training session. Please bookmark this page and check it regularly to ensure that you have what you need to prepare for each session.

Assigned Date Pre-Orientation Topic Activity Pre-Work Deliverables Due Date (by 5pm EST)
22-Feb-17 Charter School Board University Study Guide   Read Charter School Board University Answer study guide questions via Survey Monkey 10-Mar-17
01-Mar-17 School Elements School Design: Pre-Work 01     14-Mar-17
01-Mar-17 School Need School Design: Pre-Work 02     28-Mar-17
01-Mar-17 Charter Law School Design: Pre-Work 03     25-Apr-17
29-Mar-17 Board Prospecting: Introduction  Zoom Webinar


  After the training download and use the template in your folder to compile 25 initial prospects for BES review. Please save your work in your folder. 5-Apr-17
 6-Apr-17 Fellows’ Online Presence & Networking in the Community Zoom Webinar


Prior to the conference call review all training materials.  Google yourself and see what you find.  Is this the content you want people to see? Audit your online presence and edit LinkedIn profiles in accordance with the LinkedIn Guidelines shared during the call.

After the training download and use the template in your folder to compile a list of 25 networking events you might participate in for BES review. Please save your work in your folder.

 12-Apr-17 Avature: Introduction  Zoom Webinar


Ensure that you can login to Avature using these credentials. Use Avature to enter an additional 25 board prospects. 19-Apr-17
12-Apr-17 Board Prospecting: Training Videos (Series 1-9) Watch videos via Torsh Check your pre-work folder to access the assignments. Each document in the folder is numbered by series and contains instructions and links to Torsh videos and HireVue assignments. Submit responses via HireVue Assignment I (Series 1 – 3): 1-May-17

Assignment II (Series 4-6): 22-May-17

Assignment III (Series 7-9): 12-Jun-17

 20-Apr-17 Avature: Sending Prospect Communication Zoom Webinar


  Create email templates in Avature and send email correspondence directly from the system for BES review. 3-May-17
 26-Apr-17 Avature: Managing Prospect Communication Zoom Webinar


  Continue to familiarize yourself with sorting filtering prospect lists to strategically manage your upcoming communication and follow-up. None
26-Apr-17 Be the Dream School Design: Pre-Work 04 Read

Be the Dream

 Create a list of 25 inspirational quotes from the text that speak to why you must do this work, why you must do it with uncompromising quality, and what it takes for more children to “be the dream.”  17-May-17
21-May-17 Charter Application Timeline School Design: Pre-Work 05 20-Jun-17
22-May-17 Board Prospecting: Using LinkedIn Blue Jeans Webinar


Review LinkedIn basics online through your own LinkedIn profile. Conduct a few searches for board prospects to familiarize yourself with the search features. Webinar provided by LinkedIn- LinkedIn requires participation in webinar to become member of Board Member Connect free of charge. Email Lana Khavinson, once you have listened to the webinar so that you may be upgraded in LinkedIn
28-Jun-17 BES Prospectus Outline School Design: Pre-Work 06     25-Jul-17
12-Jul-17 Board Prospecting: Training Videos Watch via Torsh Submit responses to questions via HireVue Rolling