Build your bench

As the leader of a high-expectations charter school, you know that the biggest barrier to your school’s growth and expansion is the lack of leadership talent. The BES Emerging Leaders program can help break down that barrier.

BES Emerging Leaders

Many successful schools are facing a challenge: Now positioned to grow and expand student access to quality education, who will lead these schools?

The lack of prepared leadership is the biggest barrier to school growth and improvement.

By developing aspiring leaders from within your (BES or non-BES) school, BES Emerging Leaders stocks your pipeline with highly qualified personnel—and meets this challenge head-on.

Outstanding school staff with strong leadership potential are encouraged to participate in this intensive program. Through comprehensive on-site training, Emerging Leaders are exposed to the best practices of the most successful urban charter schools in the country, and they develop the executive skills they need to manage a high-performing school.

The ideal BES Emerging Leader is:

  • aligned with the BES high-performing urban charter school approach
  • considered to be on track for a leadership position (e.g., principal) within a school or CMO in 1-2 years
  • hungry to be professionally challenged and increasingly contribute as an aspiring leader in the organization
  • committed to education reform and school leadership
  • available to participate in the full calendar of trainings as an Emerging Leader

Program Details

BES Emerging Leaders benefit from working alongside current BES Fellows and the senior leadership team of Building Excellent Schools. With access to BES Fellowship trainings in academic design and leadership, teacher selection and development, and school culture, mission, and management, BES Emerging Leaders develop a highly critical and essential lens for driving excellence in their own schools.

BES Emerging Leaders training provides:

  • Leadership Self-Awareness: Examining the components of leadership, first by examining their own personal profiles, and then by examining others’ perceptions of them
  • Leadership Mindset: Analyzing the characteristics and communications of gap-closing school leaders when inspiring and equipping adults to meet the mission and vision of the organization
  • Leadership Voice: Challenging themselves and one another to speak from the values and vision of the organization, and to harness the power and responsibility of the leader’s voice when addressing the team in formal and informal interactions
  • Leadership at Bats: Embracing the leadership mindset and practicing leadership voice (verbal, non-verbal and written) in both small, everyday scenarios as well as in high stress, high stakes situations

To learn more about participating in Emerging Leaders, please contact our Director of Academics at