Develop Your Talent

BES knows leadership. Over the past decade, BES Fellows have founded 100+ schools in 26 cities across the country.

Building upon this expertise, BES offers LENS to support the growth of high performing schools by developing the capacity of their leadership bench.

LENS is an intense training that prepares individuals to take on heightened leadership roles within urban schools.

LENS leaders study the best practices of the most successful urban schools in the country and develop the leadership skills they need to lead a high-performing school.

LENS provides robust content and training on:

  • developing a leader’s mindset, lens, and voice
  • managing strong adult culture by equipping and inspiring adults to perform successfully
  • setting appropriate school culture, including arrivals, transitions, thresholds, discipline, and classroom systems
  • delivering effective instruction, including curriculum, rigor, classroom routines and procedures, and assessment

Components of LENS 2016-2017

  • Eight days of intense training led by BES Director of Leadership Development Jill Dunchick, and Senior Director of Leadership Development and The Fellowship Sue Walsh: June 23-July 1, 2016| Boston, MA
  • Two additional professional development trainings: November 3-4, 2016 | Tennessee and March 9-10, 2017 | Boston, MA
  • Leadership coaching with BES staff on a regular basis via phone, email, and through an online video coaching platform
  • Leadership development self-assessment reviewed by BES staff
  • On-site visit by BES staff member for observation and formal evaluative report
  • Structured network of support with colleagues in the LENS cohort

For the complete LENS schedule and pricing, download the 2016-2017 LENS brochure below:

Download LENS Brochure

For more information, contact Shawna Wells, Director of The Network, at or 617-227-4545 x218.