“Strong leaders have vision. They maintain the balance between integrity, performance, and business acumen. They are humble, focused, courageous, driven, have the ability to execute effective planning, and can cultivate a collaborative environment.” Biante’ Gainous embodies all the qualities she uses to describe an excellent leader.

Experience as a student and then as a teacher in Baltimore City Public Schools introduced Biante’ to the great disparity in educational opportunities between zip codes. Inspired by her experience, Biante’ plans to open a high-powered charter school in Las Vegas that values community and, above all else, is a place where students perform at the highest level. As Biante’ says, “high expectations breed greatness. I envision fostering a new generation of fearless, innovative leaders.”

In addition to teaching in Baltimore City, Biante has been a resident principal, lead of several school committees, and a private tutor for adults and K-12 students for the past four years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Hampton University and a master’s from John Hopkins.