“I want to design, found, and lead a school that makes an impact for students – a school that equips all children with the skills they need in order to be a productive member of their community.”

With a career in urban education, Julia Foxworth has seen firsthand the deficits and design flaws within schools and the processes that do not give students what they need to succeed. “A culture that embraces and demands student achievement is imperative. This culture of achievement is the lens through which we view issues such as class size, discipline, curriculum choices, and programming in order to promote and protect student success. Setting high expectations for students is where this culture begins.” This principle will drive Julia’s school in Mississippi.

Julia worked in many different roles at Power Center Academy High School in Memphis, Tennessee, most recently serving as an Instructional Coach. In this role she designed and organized instructional systems and coached teachers to increase student achievement. Previously she served as an AP English and English III teacher at Power Center Academy, and as a facilitator, presenter, and teaching resident at The Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence.

Julia holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education from the University of Mississippi, a Master of Education from Christian Brothers University, and was a Hollyhock Fellow at the Center to Support Teaching Excellence at Stanford University.