Lakenna Booker of Memphis, Tennessee is a highly motivated instructional leader with over ten years of experience as an educator.

Lakenna’s wealth of experience makes her particularly attuned to the needs and cultures of her students and their shared community. She earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Tennessee at Martin and a master’s degree in teaching with an emphasis in instruction, curriculum, and leadership from the University of Memphis. While working towards her master’s, Lakenna studied with the Memphis Content Literacy Academy, working to improve quality literacy integration into core subjects. With a desire to have a greater impact on the educational community, she obtained her Instructional Leadership License for the state of Tennessee from Christian Brothers University.

Following her experience at turnaround schools, Lakenna joined the founding staffs of both KIPP Memphis, as a teacher leader, and Gestalt Community Schools, as Dean of Instruction of Humes Preparatory Academy Middle and Nexus STEM Academy Middle. To further her impact, she published The 5Es of Inquiry Based Science for both students and teachers, and coaches fellow educators inside and outside of school. Moved from a young age by the inconsistency of education, Lakenna believes in the intentional and deliberate practice of data-driven decision making to accomplish student achievement goals.

As she works to found and lead a charter school for the community of Memphis, Tennessee, her mantra is simple: “Do what is best for students“