“I am extremely passionate about designing, founding, and leading a charter school that implements the successful aspects of high-performing schools, but also always goes back to the core belief that students come first and that all children have the right to experience transformative education.” Leanna Dunsmore will start such a school in New York City.

Leanna taught at Success Academy Bronx 1, as a first and then second grade teacher. As the second grade lead teacher in a 29-student strong ICT classroom, she adapted the curriculum to meet the needs of 11 students with IEPs, while simultaneously training her co-teacher. She then taught first grade at Harlem Village Academies East Elementary, before transitioning into her most recent role as the school’s Instructional Coach. Her background with IEPs has proven to Leanna that “when provided with individualized tools, children can and will succeed. All students deserve an education that will prepare them to excel in and graduate from college.”

Leanna holds a Bachelor of Arts from Bucknell University and a Master of Science in Childhood Education and Special Education from the Touro College Graduate School of Education.