Gautam Thapar

“I intend to create a learning experience in which students and adult leaders are held to high expectations, where everyone feels that they are a valuable part of a vibrant, responsive school community, and innovation is embraced and scaled to solve new and pressing problems.”

Danny Song

“The difficulty has come in the responsibility I have as a professional to tell each of these loving, passionate, dedicated parents that most of their children are one, two, or three years behind grade level in math and reading. I feel like a doctor giving every patient I see a bad diagnosis — one that, if left untreated, will leave their lives in chaos and distress. I tell each of my parents, this is why I teach. This is why I’m here. Because this reality is unjust.”

Kristen Shroff

“Our entire staff will work to unleash the intellect of scholars by assuming that all of our kids are talented and gifted, by teaching above the college-ready bar, and by engaging in regular data analysis, action planning, and intervention. Every single student deserves a school that will support them, challenge them, push them, and hold them to the high expectations that they deserve.”

Jade Rivera

“A great deal of my drive for this work comes from the immensely disappointing inequalities that I’ve witnessed and studied in schools across the U.S. I am driven to do this work because while the disparities still exist, I know that opportunity for change is just as powerful.”

Brian Pawloski

“I have made a conscious choice to work with students who are in dire need of someone to advocate for their immense and untapped potential. I want to bring about transformative change within our community. I can champion our students and the great school they deserve. Our students don’t need to graduate from high school. They MUST graduate from college. That is what I will set out to do, and that is what I will do.”

Katie Mazer

“Ceilings are restrictions for those who dream big, and I refuse to have a school that limits ambition. I want students to learn what it feels like to be limitless in multiple capacities, rather than working towards a specific prototype of ‘good’ work. If students are excelling in a particular subject, we will ensure that they have access to more challenging, high-level work to continue to fuel their learning and their curiosity.”